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Rochdale Hornets Foundation announce record week of success

24th June 2019, 16:26


Rochdale Hornets Foundation announce record week of success

Last week was our most successful ever!

The Rochdale Hornets Foundation are proud to announce that last week, 17th June to 21st June, was their most successful in their history.

The Foundation was active in seven primary schools across all three townships in Rochdale, reaching over 700 kids and engaging them with fun and accessible rugby league coaching and games. Alongside work in primary schools, we also were active with older children in high schools, as well as our extra-curricular coaching aimed at kids and adults alike.

We visited schools as part of Sports & Fitness Week, which saw us pull out all the stops to engage as many kids as possible and bring the benefits of physical exercise and rugby league to as many young people as possible in the borough.

The schools that participated were Littleborough Community Primary School, St Michael’s Primary School in Bamford, Sandbrook Community Primary School, St Luke’s Primary School in Heywood, Alice Ingham RC Primary, Holy Trinity Primary School and Harwood Park Primary School. We would like to put on record our thanks to all the teachers, staff and - of course - kids, who participated with such enthusiasm.

Beyond our primary schools work, we were also hosting sessions at Wardle Academy with older pupils, as well as hosting our regular Junior Hornets training sessions outside of a school framework.

We took over training for the Rochdale Hornets Women’s team, leading their sessions, as well as continuing with #BackOnside, our training group aimed at over-35 men. Our #BackOnside group meets on Wednesdays at 7pm at Soccer Factory and is one of the largest groups in the country, helping men who have drifted away from physical activity to re-engage with sport and meet a few new mates in the process.

“This record number shows that the Foundation is going from strength to strength and more and more young people are keen to give rugby league a go,” said Foundation chairman Niel Wood.

“Over the last few months, we have been strengthening our partnerships with various schools and community groups and offering more and more young people an opportunity to give rugby league a go. We hope we can keep this interest live. We are absolutely delighted and it will most definitely go down as our most successful week so far. Our staff are very committed and credit must also go to them for their drive and passion for the game and willingness to engage new people.”