Rochdale Hornets


14th July 2017, 15:02


Steve Kerr is appointed as the new foundation manager of the club's Sporting Foundation.

Rochdale Hornets’ Sporting Foundation are delighted to announce that Steve Kerr has been appointed as the charity’s new Foundation Manager.

His previous role at Volleyball England as Relationship Manager and Participation Lead saw him increase participation in the sport during a five and a half year spell.

Now, Steve is looking to boost the Foundations impact in the community and is excited to hit the ground running.

“I’ve received a great welcome from the club since joining the Hornets Team as Foundation Manager,” he said.

“Alan Kilshaw, Adam Bates and James Cannings have really helped me feel at home.

“It’s clearly a passionate club with a strong support, and it’s been good to talk to partners and members about future plans.

“Some of you will know we’re delivering a number of innovative projects from Sky Try to FIT Schools and touch programmes all across the borough.

“These give the Foundation an excellent opportunity to build on its successes and help more people to play Rugby League more often. “

The new manager of the Foundation is also looking to improve the community strategy that they have in place.

Part of his plan is to lay on more programmes specific to women and girls, as well as targeting the Masters and Wheelchair rugby teams.

“I’m passionate about helping Children and Young people develop and achieve their potential. It’s a work area I’m most familiar with and I’m hoping we can establish some really great partnerships with local schools to support our business plan and transition children into Rugby League clubs and our own programmes and pathways.

“There’s a clear need to establish a new Hornets Foundation community strategy and to then plan programmes accordingly.

“My aim is to ensure more children and young people take part, with more specific programmes for women and girls.

“I’d like to welcome more people to masters touch rugby and wheelchair rugby, and really showcase what we do on all our online and social media platforms.”

Steve is looking forward to also helping the club as he works alongside CEO Adam Bates, and has urged members to get in touch with any ideas they have.

“I already have a good relationship with Adam and I’m looking forward to collaborating with him to achieve some joint ambitions, such as commercial activity and increasing the number of supporters watching the Hornets on match day.

“As I find my feet it’s a great time for members to come talk to me about future activities.

“I’m sure you’ll all have some great ideas and I’m hoping you can help us achieve our ambitions. If you want to help please write to me at”