Rochdale Hornets


25th July 2017, 11:59



Rochdale Hornets Sporting Foundation have been improving the health and well being of youngsters with the help of local personal trainer Chris Honor.

Chris Honor is a local Personal Trainer who has been volunteering his time to help out the Rochdale Hornets Sporting Foundation.

It’s not just the foundation which has been benefitting from his expertise though, as he has been implementing the Fit Schools Project this year.

Since launching the project in April the foundation has tested over 1250 children and given the schools a good insight to their pupils’ progress.

Some of the tests they have gone through assess their speed, agility, strength and co-ordination.

From here the teachers and parents have access to an online portal through Amaven, who are working alongside the foundation and have access to online tutorials to develop individual areas of development.

Last year, there was an 8% increase in child activity increase, and with one school already undergoing phase 2 testing we have seen similar results this year.

This is all a great advantage to helping to combat the risk of child obesity which is currently at its highest.

Lead coach, Chris, is delighted with the progress of the programme so far.

“The project is a fantastic opportunity to make schools aware of areas for improvement and is a valuable tool to help with the preparation of curriculum activities as well as raise the profile of the club,” he said.

“We have gained some great feedback from schools that we have worked at and they have seen an improvement in child fitness mentally and physically.

“Schools are also being offered the opportunity to take advantage of extra curriculum clubs to engage in the game of rugby league and increase their general health and wellbeing which in turn will help to better results further down the line.”