Rochdale Hornets


17th June 2017, 11:35


First run out for Hornets Masters

Tomorrow afternoon prior to Rochdale Hornets taking on Bradford Bulls at The Crown Oil Arena, Hornets players of the past will don the Red, White and Blue of Rochdale as they take on Yorkshire Masters side 'The Bahtats'. The Bahtats is a team comprising players associated with top amateur clubs such as Siddal, Castleford Panthers, and Brighouse Rangers to name a few. The Bahtats have been going nye on 8 years and were formed following the Great Britain Masters tour to Australia in 2009. 

In comparison, Hornets Masters are taking to the field for the first time. Led by Hornets Director, and former player Chris Churm. Hornets fans will be delighted to see players such as Ian Sinfield, Emon Ratu and Chris Hough in Hornets colours again, and joining them a host of familiar names from the local Rugby League circuit. 

The game kicks off at 12noon at Mayfield Sports centre, so please get down and show your support. The players will then head over to The Crown Oil Arena to watch the big game.

Hornets Masters from:

  1. Chris Hough
  2. Graham Glover
  3. Ben Bird
  4. Allan Osbaldeston
  5. Ste Cameron
  6. Ian Sinfield
  7. Mick Farrell
  8. Craig Diggle
  9. Fred Rauqe Bau
  10. Adam Baker
  11. Chris Garforth
  12. Paul O'Keefe
  13. Jason Clegg
  14. Joe Harte
  15. Emon Ratu
  16. Chris Churm
  17. Bob Marsden
  18. Andy Battersby
  19. Niel Wood
  20. Sammy Sampson
  21. Andy Duffy
  22. David Mills
  23. Adam Browne
  24. Adam Pirouzan
  25. Jason Villers